International Save The Frogs Day 2017

In April 28, 2017CENTER FOR EALRY GREEN EDUCATION, (formerly known as Green Educate Initiative) joined SAVE THE FROGS!, conservationists, and other nature enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate the annual Save The Frogs Day! – The largest day worldwide set aside for amphibian education and conservation action. It is a day conceived and coordinated by SAVE THE FROGS! an International Non-profit Amphibian Conservation Organization.



Because amphibians are important natural community members of planet earth, but now they are in crisis! They are been faced with human-induced threats especially climate change, habitat loss, over harvesting etc. Global Amphibian Assessment has shown that over 32% of the nearly 6,000 amphibian species known to science worldwide are at risk of going extinct.


The venue was at KINGSHIP ACADEMY 10, IsiakaOlorunfemi Street, by Olorunfemi Bus- stop, Igando Lagos State, Nigeria.

The minds of the kids were opened up to the precarious situation of world amphibian decline in different ecosystems and also they were taught briefly about other aspects of the environment. There was a slide show with a projector to drive home our points for the children to understand and thereafter they had fun all the way from hopping to making frog sounds.


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