Environmental Education Outreach on Climate Change At High Tree College, Ipaja, Lagos – June 29th, 2022

On June 29th this year 2022, we took our environmental education outreach program on climate change and the SDGs to schools again this time to High Tree College, Ipaja, Lagos.

For a safer, cleaner and more prosperous world by 2030, world leaders have agreed on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and these can only be achieved through the inputs of everyone regardless of your age, location, colour or status.

To accelerate the progress of achieving these goals, every child according to UNICEF must be aware, take action and bring the leaders to accountability.

Learning about the SDGs helps children to develop insights, connect the dots and understand how the world is interconnected.

Also, Climate Change is impacting the world daily and unfortunately the vulnerable are usually most impacted. They need to know this not to cause fear but to help them understand how better to mitigate and adapt to the changing climate and how they can take some climate actions in their environment.

It was an awesome experience and they were the better for it, they had lots of questions to ask and wanted to know more. Children are generally very inquisitive and these young ones were thirsty for what they can do to make their environment better.

Written by
Rashidah Abdulquadri